What Have I Done Again – Desmond Elliot Tired Of Being Blamed And Dragged Online

Desmond Elliot

Desmond Elliot

Actor cum Politician Desmond Elliot seems tired of being blamed for everything and dragged online asking what he has done again that he’s been dragged all over.

Desmond Elliot became a meme on the internet over a comment he made and he got blamed for every bad thing that happens on the net on in the country but now seems tired of that and want his
name to rest.

Desmond Elliott recently gave netizens another reason to drag him the more after sharing a video of himself dancing in his office as if he has nothing doing and has a lot of time on his hands to spend on dancing.

Desmond Elliott seems to have
disappointed a lot of people when he joined politics and was given the mandate to serve his people as according to posts online, he hasn’t done anything meaningful for his constituents since he came to power.

Screenshot below

Desmond Elliot@Istagram

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